Sunday, March 18, 2012

My First Review in Two Years

I love the arrangement that Rebecca Wright over at Movie Gazette Online offered me, of reviewing only what truly interests me, and writing as many or as few reviews as I want. As I work on my next books, I like having the opportunity to write reviews again, this time without my once-fervent desire to be a full-time film critic somewhere. I can have a lot more fun with it now!

My first review in two years was posted yesterday, about the documentary Hey, Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird. After you read the review (or before), click on my name and you'll find the bio I wrote for the site.


  1. I love that documentary.


  2. Janie: It was a good one for sure.

    G: I'm thinking about my review of the History Channel documentary miniseries The Presidents, and the old worries are starting to creep back into my mind about whether what I'm thinking about sounds the same as my previous review, and if I should do something different so I don't sound boring to readers. But then I remember: I don't want to be a full-time film critic anymore! I have no reason to think about my reviews in those terms. I will write my reviews any way I wish, as long as I have fun with what I'm writing. If I'm not, then I'll think of some other way to write it. That stands for all my reviews to come.