Friday, April 10, 2009

A Love for San Juan Capistrano That Will Never Be Fulfilled

Oh San Juan, San Juan
Footsteps next to the train tracks,
A petting zoo with unexpected ostriches and llamas.
But what makes it Capistrano,
The historical houses,
The quiet downtown area,
I can never have.
For though I have fallen hard for the charms to be had from undisturbed composure,
I can never have you.
I am beholden to another,
Ironically where lights and billboards and loudness are pervasive,
And as crucial as oxygen.
I love what you have offered me,
That chain-locked movie theater with the lone popcorn machine amidst torn-up walls,
The antique store selling envelopes with "Burt Lancaster" mimeographed in blue.
But Las Vegas is my home.
It is what makes each breath of my day worthwhile.
It is not at all peaceful,
But it offers what I have sought all my life:
People in search of immediate pleasures and unashamed of their quest.
Hedonism in unexpected places.
But I will remember you.
In my mind, those streets, those gravel roads, those sidewalks wide enough only for those who intend to stay will be some of my fondest memories.
Thank you for giving me part of your life.
I will hold it close, always.

(An amateurish attempt at the format of a poem, but a start)