Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thanks and Goodbye, Superman.

Comic book Superman, don't bother coming back. We've got our own Supermen.

This is How I Feel.

May 1st Already

It used to be that when I was in school, those days would start off slowly. First day of orientation for what was expected in those classes, seat assignments (if the teacher was a stickler for that kind of detail), textbooks, and then lunch which was always welcome, but it seemed funny because in those hours, we hadn't worked hard enough on anything to be relieved that lunch had come. That would happen in the subsequent weeks.

Now here I am, long out of school, and the year doesn't do the same thing anymore. Sure January 1st comes, and there are the celebrations, and those slow minutes to appreciate the time that we may have spent doing good for ourselves in the year past and hoping for even better in the year to come. But now, after January 1 comes February 12 and the day after that, March 18, and look; here we are! May 1!

I've barely thawed out from winter (Ok, it wasn't as cold here in Southern California as it had been on the east coast, but I hate it just the same), and summer's already coming? So I get a few more weeks before 100+ degrees isn't just a temperature on the oven.

And I've also got a few weeks now, just this month really, before the County of Los Angeles's transfer of the Santa Clarita libraries to the City of Santa Clarita begins with the libraries closing for nearly all of June. With that facing me, I haven't even begun to work as hard on my research as I should now, in order to make sure I cover the major books before I have to return everything, including Joseph Ellis's book on George Washington, and American Lion, about Andrew Jackson.

Well, I've got to get back to work. Hanukkah presents later today, and then I've got to express my annoyance that the neighbors haven't figured out something else to put up for Christmas besides the reindeer that keeps turning its head.