Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Not dead. Busy with work, as a resource room aide at an elementary school here in Las Vegas, busy with writing, including my book reviews and books I'm toying with writing (including a possible illustrated children's book, which surprised me. Not illustrated by me, since I don't have any of those skills, but someone if it sells), and busy with life. I'm out of practice with writing a blog, but surely there's much to write about from these past few months, this long gap. I just never had that driving interest to contribute anything here, not when there was a book review to work on (as there will be tonight, ahead of a near-late May deadline, which makes me want to finish the review earlier so I can get more books to review. After all, that's money I'm sitting on), not when there were books to read, not when there were movies to watch, not when there was more life to see in Las Vegas, a lot of strange, yet interesting life at that.

I will try, though. After all, this is my blog and no one else's, and I don't want it to gather ever more dust. I'll see what I come up with.