Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Run of the House: Day 8

If today is the day that Mom and Dad come home, I'm going to miss the free time I used to have. Not only do I have to dump the books and DVDs I absolutely do not need, but every other space of this apartment needs to be just as clean, other things dumped (including old newspaper clippings with my byline that I don't need), loose drawers and cracks fixed, and this apartment sold by the time we leave for Henderson as residents in August. We bought it outright, so we're hoping to get a good price.

I know, I know, the real estate market is in the crapper and it could be a bad time to sell. But there is a chance. We have one of the few units per block with a garage that opens into the apartment. You roll in during the rare times it rains and you don't have to lug your groceries in through the front door, getting soaked. Just close the garage door and rain be gone and you be dry! Secondly, we have a large patio because we overlook one of the community pools. We're the only unit in this particular block that has that. Plus, we have a gate at the front-door walkway. Big white gate with a lock. No other unit here has that. We've got some advantages.

Yesterday was Mom and Dad's 29th wedding anniversary, so they spent part of it back at our future apartment complex, faxing applications for Meridith and I to fill out, with speakerphone guidance by Mom on what parts to fill out. We didn't need to fill out everything since we're all still going to live together, at least for right now.

Later in the day, into the evening, they went to the Bellagio to see the water show outside the hotel, then had gelato at Cafe Gelato there, and then to Blueberry Hill off the Strip for a snack. I think this was one of the better wedding anniversaries they have, not only because they've been where they had never been before, but because it seems like there was a real sense of celebration to it. That has not always been apparent in past years.

As for Meridith and I, she spent the entire day on her laptop transferring photos from her cell phone to her computer. The phone's memory card is too small for any slot on her laptop and so the process is taking a lot longer than it would with an external drive with that capacity. I think she still has more to do today.

I spent part of yesterday morning blog surfing as I always do, as I will do after this. And that was pretty much the major part of yesterday. Not much reading but I think I'll finish Rick Lax's book today.