Monday, September 10, 2012

Things are Rapidly Changing for the Better

Mom and Dad and Meridith went out to Enterprise in Mission Hills first to try to get our PT Cruiser off our hands, in the hope that they would give us a rental for our move to Las Vegas and then in Las Vegas, we'd go back to an Enterprise there and seek a new car. No dice. The one who made the deal for us at Enterprise is no longer there (he began attending law school) and the one in the Mission Hills office who could have helped wasn't there. So they went to CarMax in Burbank, and they were no help either, not offering enough to end our payments on the PT Cruiser.

Meanwhile, back in Santa Clarita, I was home because I want to finish all the issues of The Henderson Press before we move. Right now, I'm on Volume 3, No. 27, with nine more issues to go to get to Volume 3, No. 36, the most recent issue. This is how I'm spending the rest of my afternoon. But on Saturday, I was on Volume 3, No. 20. Good progress.

We had three showings on Saturday, with the latter two latter in the day, and I was here for both. The third showing, which had a family with a teenaged daughter, was the best one. They're the ones who made an offer today that could very well go through because all the paperwork is in hand, and everything that needed to be done before the offer was made is done. They have the necessary cash to start. We're not going to make much of anything on this deal, but it's about time this house goes to people who could really enjoy it. We never did. I know this family will.

On top of that, we have our new phone number, which I've already memorized (I memorized the address yesterday when I was changing magazine subscription addresses, including The New Yorker and Saveur, and our gate code, since our mobile home park is gated.

Unfortunately, since we'll likely be driving to Las Vegas in our PT Cruiser, which we have to pray for when we drive long distances, we're going to skip Primm, since it's more important to get to our new home. We can always go back anyway, and I'd prefer to do it in whatever new car we eventually get.

However, the upside is that we'll be celebrating Rosh Hashanah at Greenberg & Sons, a Jewish deli at New York-New York. At the same time we're there, Meridith wants to go to the Coney Island Emporium to see the cotton candy vending machine that was installed there, and if Mom and Dad don't mind hanging around New York-New York a little longer (that is, if they don't want to go with us), Meridith and I want to pop across the street to M&M World to see I Lost My M in Vegas, the 3D short film that plays on the 3rd floor every half hour. I'm looking forward to it because David Ruprecht, the host of Supermarket Sweep, voiced the dealer. It's also interesting to know that J.K. Simmons is in Las Vegas every day, because besides the commercials, he also voiced the Yellow M&M for this short film.

Also, today was Dad's last day at La Mesa Junior High. A student that he had seven years ago found out that he's leaving and drove all the way from wherever he's living now during lunchtime to see him. I'm still amazed.

Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon checking if certain books I have are also available in the Clark County Library system. Most of them are, so I put them in paper bags for donations, and for now, I'm keeping the ones that aren't, such as Vending Machines: A Social History by Kerry Segrave. Not only does the Clark County system not have it, but I paid nearly 30 dollars for my copy and I'm not giving it up so quickly, especially since I haven't read it yet.

It's all starting to move swiftly, and there's still lots to throw out and lots to pack, but the reward at the end is everything I've ever wanted. There's nothing better than that.