Monday, October 31, 2011

Here's the Inside of My Head

Remember the kids science show Beakman's World from the '90s? I grew up on that. I had a Saturday morning bowling league when my family and I lived in Coral Springs, Florida, and Don Carter Lanes was just over the city line into Tamarac. It was on at 12:30 on CBS, so I always made sure to tape it just in case I wasn't home by then.

Watch at least this first part of The Best of Beakman's World:

See those backgrounds, all that space filled up with all those props and those set designs? That's what the inside of my head looks like.

Where I Am Now and Where I'll Be for the Next Two Years

Over the weekend, I decided it was time to finally figure out what I want to research and write for the next two years. I have a cushion of a few months until my birthday in March and then it's real crunch time to try to be published again by the time I'm 30. I'd rather spend these next few months researching.

And I've decided: I'm going to research and write that 1930s Hollywood studio system book.

If I decided to work on the three presidential books I have in mind, I still have to figure out the angle for the principal one of the three which probably can only come from the books to read for it, whereas I know exactly what I want to do for that Hollywood book. I have to see if it's workable, if there are records kept for what I'm seeking, copious records at least. But I feel like I can do this. I'm not that far removed from What If They Lived?, since it was published in March. So it's best to tap into my experiences from working on that one, use them again, and then move on to entirely new territory.

By the count of November 1, I have two years, four months and 20 days left. Time to begin.