Friday, September 25, 2009

Still Here

Still here. Still thinking too much. Still reading. Still watching movies. Still trying to inch my way through this project. For now, still not enjoying it. Still knowing this is the fastest way to my first credit as an author. Still trying to get back into it without thinking that it's a huge, loud, vacuum-powered vortex that will grab everything away from me that I enjoy so much, such as reading and watching movies. Still trying to spend less time on this computer. Still wishing I wrote more on this blog than just this entry. Surprising, though, that the latest entry before this one was from August 9th. I thought it was earlier than that, considering that it's only September 25th. A month's separation isn't so bad, well, not so bad in short time.

Still here. I want to be here more and I will. Maybe it's the key to getting back to writing the essays for this book and not dreading it so acutely. I'll find out over the weekend.