Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hunter S. Thompson on Disney Property

Eminent Southern foodie and writer John T. Edge came up with a great image in his book "Apple Pie: An American Story." He experiences immediate disappointment at a pie festival held at Disney's Celebration development after a slice of pie turns out to be frozen, and pushed by one of many corporate pie types there, including Entenmann's, Mrs. Smith's, Sara Lee, and Edward's. I'll quote him now:

"I toss my slice in the trash and cast about for a diversion. It's time for a drink. I take refuge in what passes for the local den of iniquity, Sherlock's of Celebration. After drowning my disappointment with a couple of beers, I return to the festival. Turns out that Main Street USA looks better with a buzz on. I look for coconspirators, for fellow travelers inclined to poke sharp sticks at this false pageant. I even concoct a daydream wherein I'm joined by Hunter S. Thompson, whom I find leaning against a lamppost, a flask of Wild Turkey jutting from his back pocket."

I love that! And I love imagining Thompson wandering around Walt Disney World, horror in his eyes.