Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We'll Be Home...

Friday, September 14th, any time after 7 a.m. Our new home, eight miles from the Strip, will be ready then. The Tuesday after, Dad has to sign further papers at the Clark County School District offices and he starts at his new middle school the following day.

This is our final weekend in Santa Clarita! Final moments to breathe before diving into the gargantuan task of moving, but it's easier this time, above all other times because first, we're going home, and second, it only takes four hours from here to Las Vegas as opposed to five days from South Florida to Southern California nine years ago. Same grouping as nine years ago: Us, our two dogs, and our two birds, with a moving company based in Las Vegas going ahead of us. Only one of the dogs and both birds have changed since then. Different dog, different birds. But all family, and all ready to live life as we should live it. Not an existence, as it has been. A life. A life we can love, can appreciate, can be happy all the time. I'm ready to get to know my home city intimately, and I'd like it to be where I am for the rest of my life.