Saturday, May 28, 2011

A New Las Vegas for Me

Before Dad, Meridith and I went to Pavilions, Dad spent most of the afternoon researching hotels off the Strip and away from the Strip in Henderson. There are some interesting choices, ones that we've only ever driven by, and that reminded me that I would like to see what The Orleans is like. I love the New Orleans theming on the front of the place, so there's bound to be a lot more to attract me. For example, Lily Tomlin's performing at the Orleans Showroom on June 18 and 19. I have to keep that in mind in case we're there, looking for apartments, if we haven't found one already.

When it comes time for Meridith and I to join Mom and Dad in this vast search, I will return to Las Vegas a lot lighter than when I was last there. Last May, the schedule I kept because of the book, the nocturnal living, the bad diet, the sometimes-little sleep all came to a head at a mall in Henderson when that anxiety hit me. Plus, Vegas always has the temptation to eat whatever you want and not care what you're eating. I care now. I know that breakfast, if it's quick and we go to 7-11 for it, will be that plastic container of Cheerios, soy milk (If they have Silk in a convenience store-sized container there), and a banana. We have a lot more choices than here in Santa Clarita for where to eat, but I think I'll be subsisting on bananas a lot during the day, especially with crisscrossing that entire valley. No more donuts for me, no chips, a lot less fried things. This is going to be my new, and hopefully final, home. I need to treat it like I'm already there.


  1. I love Vegas! I love NOLA as well. Possibly that is one of my favorite cities ever.

    This is Rhonda at; apparently blogger has issues with me logging in to my account and leaving comments on certain blogs. My apologies.

  2. No worries, Rhonda. I'm getting the same flak with my Internet Explorer browser. It lets me log in, but to go into my blog, it acts as if I'd signed out and I can't post replies to comments. Yet on Google Chrome, it works.

    I went to your blog and I was reminded why I follow it. Not just your writing, but also the music player you have, because it's always guaranteed that I'll find a new song that interests me.

    My biggest regret on our move from South Florida to Southern California is that we couldn't stop in New Orleans. We had two dogs and a bird in the car and had to keep moving, and this was August 2003, pre-Katrina. My sister wanted to try Cajun food, and that would have been quite the opportunity.

    The Orleans is probably as close as I'll get to the real New Orleans right now, but that's fine. I just want to explore the city that'll feel like home to me.

    I just hope the Lily Tomlin show doesn't sell out before I can get tickets, if I'm able. On the Orleans website, I looked at the Orleans Showroom, where she's performing, and it's not a large theater.

  3. Also, Rhonda, I'm relieved to see your comment. With all the trouble that people are having with Blogger, as I read, I was worried that people weren't able to comment on my blog, and I wasn't sure anyway how to fix that.