Sunday, June 5, 2011

Money Down and Looking Up

Mom was on the phone with us for over an hour, way past when I wanted to have dinner, though I had it just the same after. We had come home fairly late each evening, as late as nearly 7 p.m. can be, for the past two days, usually eating at about 7:30, and I wanted to try for earlier this time since we spent the day at home. No dice, not with all Mom had to tell us and sometimes repeat, but I understand, since she's genuinely happy about the apartment she and Dad found, so much so that we also learned that they put some money down on it to express their seriousness to the manager about soon moving there.

She described to us everything that's nearby, including Walgreens, Food 4 Less, and I hope Smith's is just as close. Everything will be open to us, she said. We can go anywhere, do anything; after we get jobs and establish ourselves, we can even get our own apartment if we want, since the monthly rent is so cheap in this complex. For now, I just want to follow the first two things. I want to get settled, find a decent job with a decent salary and decent benefits, and finally feel good about where I am, knowing it's where I belong. I know I've repeated that sentiment many times already, but I'm still turning it over again and again in my mind, amazed at this good fortune.

Mom did say that there's not a great deal of room in this apartment, so a large amount of books would have to go into a storage facility. I don't intend to do that. Whereas now I've bought books that I really want to read, my personal collection will remain small and will likely be the only collection I keep. And I don't come upon books for that collection very often. I hope bookshelves will still be a possibility. There's plenty of time to work that out, years in fact. With all that there will be to experience, I'm patient.

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