Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Returning

It's taken me a few days to get back to a routine that now includes being in love. I've been floating on landscapes I'd never seen before in my life. Did you know that some clouds aren't just air and atmosphere? You can actually jump on them, and they get softer with every jump.

I've spent the past few days re-learning how to go out, and I miss her every time, but yesterday was easier than the day before. The day before, I couldn't gauge when we would be home, and we were out all day, and I began to get testy in Wal-Mart because I really missed her. Then yesterday, we became Metro PCS customers, the same phone she has, so it's much easier than the Verizon customers we used to be (We've had so many fights with Verizon over the years, and when she mentioned Metro PCS, with unlimited plans and no annual contract, we looked into it), because then we would be charged. So now that I have text messaging, too, I will still miss her when I'm out during the day, but it won't feel like torture when the day gets later and later. I lasted longer yesterday because I had called her before my family and I left for Burbank for the day, and I only began to get slightly testy at CarMax towards 8 p.m.

This new and oh-so-wonderful experience has affected my family in many ways. They're all incredibly happy for me, but for my mom, it's especially important because she wants to see me do well, to be the man she knows that I have been as I grew up, the one who when he cares, he cares so deeply. The one who has endless patience when his mother and sister have to pop into a restroom while we're out (It turns out that all these years have been excellent training for me). The one who makes sure others are taken care of before he gets to his own needs.

Meridith is excited, because she has a potential new sister. When she was young, she hocked Mom for another kid. "Maybe it'll be a girl this time," she always said. But she was also greatly affected by this, worried that she would lose me. She won't. I'm always available for her, no matter where I am, and the wonderful girl who has taken my entire heart agrees.

I've got books to write, a full-time job to seek, all the things that were in my life before, but now I've also got her, the one I want to do everything for. Every writer needs a muse, but you know what else? She's also a writer! Heaven is indeed a place on Earth.

So I'm here again, and I'll be writing like I always did, whenever an idea pops up. But most importantly, I'm also the happiest I've ever been!


  1. Rory. OK, first let me say that I'm all about love. Love is my middle name. I get all of your sentiments and shit, but dude, you need to man up before women start reading this.

    Women get ahold of this and they'll start expecting the rest of us to share your sentimental sentiments and we'll be fucked. Most of us lack the sensitivity to feel as you do and all but a very few lack the writing skills to so eloquently state them.

    If you start writing about a fucking cat I'm outta here. Any man who reads our colorful sista, Falen, agrees with me.

    Fuck Rick Perry.

  2. You can hear the birds singing in the background as you read this.

    I'm happy for you!

  3. Mooner, I'm sorry, but I will likely be a disgrace to my sex, and I don't care. She and I started out open and honest, and that's how we will continue, hopefully for the rest of our lives.

    The sensitivity is just how I was raised. I learned a lot from my mom and sister, and I'm applying it to my own life now.

    Oh, and I'm a dog lover. I've got two., I've never felt this way about any other girl I've known. She's the one.