Monday, February 18, 2013

The Generosity at Hoover Dam

On the same page in Boulder City: Passages of Time that made up the previous entry, I also found this, which deserved its own entry:

"One of the unique features is the cafeteria-style lunch-basket room. The men file through, take an empty box, and fill it with whatever they wish. Sandwiches, pieces of pie, etc., are all wrapped in waxine bags. If a man wants only six pieces of pie, he can have them. By this method all are satisfied and there is none of the proverbial grumbling about the grub in the lunch boxes." -- New Reclamation Era, November, 1931.

Under that paragraph is this, which shows that generosity is possible anywhere, even during the hard work of building Hoover Dam:

"...We work it this way. I bring the sandwiches, another fella brings the fruit, another the cake. If we have anything left we give it to the guys who don't have anything to eat." -- Buck Blaine, Nevadan Magazine, Las Vegas Review Journal, 8/26/73.

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