Friday, February 24, 2012

It's One of Those Days...

It's one of those days that I wish I had a season pass to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and that Six Flags Magic Mountain was open today (It's on a winter schedule, which keeps it closed during the week). I got up at 10:29 this morning and found it warm enough to want to go there, with a jacket for the later hours of the day, ride Ninja a couple of times, and just walk through my favorite areas, including the greenery towering over the pathway to Rapids Camp Crossing, which is near the entrance to Tatsu. It's a rare feeling of nature in a valley not readily known for it.

It's one of those days in which I don't feel like working much on my book. I'm going to finish reading Killer Stuff and Tons of Money, and then see what pops out at me as I look at what I got in the mail this week and what's sitting on my former DVD shelves, which I'm using for those books I want to read almost immediately.

It's one of those days, actually the only day, in which complete peacefulness has settled on the Santa Clarita Valley. Nothing about it is annoying, nothing about it can make the day worse, because the day's already the best it can be.

It's one of those days that I'm glad I've never veered from a Monday-Friday feeling of the week that I've had from years of school, community college too, from Dad working as a teacher and Mom working in the school system as well, and it's what I'll continue to have hopefully as a full-time campus supervisor after we move to Henderson. I like how the weekend looms on Friday with bright flashing lights attached, promising great things to come. It doesn't always happen, but it feels good. I'm game for changes throughout my life, but I like having a vague structure in the background. This is it.

It's one of those days for this song!!! I'll never stop living in the '90s.


  1. I went to Magic Mountain last summer for the first time in like 7's so much cooler than I remembered it!

    also, funny story:
    my GF's uncle is Boys II Men's road manager. crazy huh?

  2. I've been there at every Christmas toy drive that gives free admission. I can't fathom paying $61.99 for a ticket. There's been a lot of complaints on the theme park websites I visit of how rundown Magic Mountain looks and how the current management isn't doing anything about it. It doesn't bother me as much because I'm fascinated by things out of place, looking worse than they probably should, though I do agree they should be taking better care of the park.

    I saw two members of Boyz II Men on that '90s-themed episode of The Chew recently. Your GF's uncle is with a great group.

  3. I've never heard of Magic Mountain...but I have these days from time to time

  4. Never made it to Magic Mountain, but I did hear a lot of thanks in the '90's.

    1. In the late '80s to early '90s, I basically lived at Walt Disney World. Then after we moved to South Florida, we visited occasionally. With all of that, I didn't need to know about Magic Mountain back then.