Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Big Kahuna Done Differently

I was going through the listings for the Sundance Channel once more because, besides Brief Interviews with Hideous Men on Friday night, and The Big Kahuna on Saturday afternoon, the to-record list on the Tivo is awfully devoid of anything on the Sundance Channel, though I see now that it's because nothing else really interested me, though I did find King of California on Flix, so that's a good score.

The Big Kahuna is about three men who work for the same industrial lubricant company who are trying to attract a huge client that could make business very easy for them for a long time to come. Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito play two salesmen and longtime friends, while the fresh-faced and uncertain-of-himself (as is expected in the role) Peter Facinelli plays a new guy, from the research and development side of the company.

I think the plot description has been the same for years, even when we used to subscribe to TV Guide when it was an actual TV guide. On the screen right now, with The Big Kahuna highlighted in yellow, the plot description is:

"Three traveling salesmen meet and find they are all waiting for the same potential client."

Completely untrue, yet utterly fascinating. That would work as either a separate film or a play. There is something there to be explored.

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