Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding. That Totally Happened.

I know it happened because Mom stayed up through the night to watch it, and is asleep now. I woke up during the night because of the light in the living room and the TV there, but went back to sleep not long after.

You're probably going to read the same thing elsewhere that I'm going to write: I didn't feel that great grasping need to watch it. I wasn't interested in all the proceedings. I needed my sleep like anyone else, particularly so I could continue my book research without falling over on the couch today, pen markings where they probably shouldn't be. I know. Probably not as interesting as the ceremony and all that.

Actually, the really interesting part comes later when Dad and Meridith get home from work and I get to find out who was absent today. Dad says he figures a lot of people will have called in throughout the district on a PNRW: Personal Necessity Royal Wedding. I just want to know if there was anyone who stayed up through the night to watch and then thought it would be a good idea to come to work anyway.


  1. I'm just glad it's over! I'm not a total hater, I'm glad they taking such a beautiful step in their lives and shared it with us...but If I hear about this wedding one more damn time...I'm gonna kill someone!

  2. I was just annoying that there was something about it on every single station. Seriously, I think one channel is enough.

  3. I was surprised MTV didn't run a play-by-play, and I wanted one so badly, just to hear, "Yo, check out the bling on that bitch!" and "What is up with that wack hat?"