Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Research Has Begun for My Second Book

I've talked and talked about it, but talk isn't enough, as I've been pushed into beginning research for my second book, because of the impending handover of control of the Valencia library and the two other Santa Clarita branches from the County of Los Angeles to the City of Santa Clarita at the beginning of July. Without access to the County libraries, I would never have been able to write my share of "What If They Lived?"

Last night I started, and today I finished, "My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House" by Lillian Rogers Park in collaboration with Frances Spatz Leighton, about Park's thirty years working as a seamstress and maid in the White House, first with her mother, Maggie, and then in her own right for the Hoover family. Very little in that book garnered anything I could use for my own book, but being that I love the 1979 miniseries that was made from it (and which I own on DVD), it was worth reading it again.

I have no publisher for this book this time, not that easily again like it was with "What If They Lived?", but I'm ready for the challenges in finding one.


  1. Wow...writting a book, huh? dammit I wish that was me!!! the filth that comes across my mind would scare most people o.O

  2. Yep, another book. I don't expect the writing to be easy, but the subject matter fascinates me endlessly, so I know I'll enjoy doing it.

  3. And you claim that most people would be scared off, but honey, you and Chuck Palahniuk; have you met?


    Believe me, once you read his stuff, you'll feel more confident about putting your voice in print.