Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wow! You're a Rory and You Wrote a Book? What a Coincidence!

I went looking for a book by a Rory, involving a dock.

That's all I knew.

I went to the County of Los Angeles library website, thinking that all I would need is "dock Rory", under "Title." Nothing.

I went to Amazon. "dock Rory." I found it. "Down at the Docks" by Rory Nugent (How I discovered this book is fodder for a longer entry and you won't have to wait long, but not right now). The first time I read it, I got restless, though I think now it was no fault of the book. But after my mind hooked into this book again and reintroduced me to it just now, I decided on a new pursuit amidst all my other reading and writing-related pursuits:

I'm going to read all the books written by a Rory.

First, I've become one of the author Rorys. Secondly, whenever I search for only my first name on Google, I come upon Rorys who are golfers, musicians, artists, a chairmaker, a hot-tub installer, a politician, and other quite unique careers. I was blessed with this name. I ought to see how other writer Rorys are making good on the name.

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