Monday, March 28, 2011

Check It Out! A First Review!

Phil Hall, the co-author of "What If They Lived?", sent me a link to one of our first reviews! It's fairly positive, and that's good enough for me!:

I take no offense at the angry comment below the review. Considering the research and the writing that Phil and I did for this book, I don't consider it a lazy idea at all. And considering that BearManor Media publishes books about movies, television, and the history of Hollywood and its notable figures, our book fits right in there.


  1. Yep. I'm happy with it.

    I noticed an important change in me when I read the comment that came after the review. About a year ago, I wouldn't exactly let too many things get to me, but I would let some things bother me, more often than anyone should let anything bother them.

    When I read that comment, I didn't get worked up over it. I didn't care. One person's opinion after all, and a lazy comment, actually, because what Ledger is missing in life in family, in other things besides movies would not have made a book.

    And the one thing that jesse does not realize is that as tragic as it was, it was Ledger's choice to miss life.

  2. Good review. Shitty comment from "Jesse"

  3. Congratulations on your review! I think that is wonderful. I write, but have not yet made it to that step. Thanks for following my blog. I am sorry that I was unable to put a link on my new follower list because your follower profile did not have a link to your blog. Not sure how to change that, but you might want to check into that. I followed you here because of your wonderful comment. If you return to my post you will notice that I have now linked your name with your blog. It's fun meeting you. Cheers!

  4. @A Daft Scots Lass: It happens. It's expected in books, and as many luminous personalities as there are to set down in words their lives and loves, there are those who just give up on the whole enterprise and bitterly snipe about it. I don't agree with her assessment about other authors trying to get their books published, and yet this one is published. There are many publishers out there for all kinds of tastes. It's hard work, yes, but it's not necessarily a struggle if the author believes completely in what he or she has written.

    @Shanae: No worries. I'll look into that, but it's funny to me because I keep things so plain that I don't always notice little bits like that. I'm not at all inclined to revel in technological advances and iPads and iPhones, and all of that. I used to have a website called "RoRsTeR's Calvin & Hobbes Comic Strip of the Day Page" when I was, gosh, maybe 9 or 10 or a bit later than that (Back when Geocities was the ultimate resource for setting up your own website), and I do remember looking at HTML in its, what I call, "naked" form, and I could work within that, but I can't get into what the generations that have come after me have so enthusiastically embraced. I'm about simplicity. Books, never a Kindle.

    However, this method of maintaining a blog is much easier. I've got the program here to write, to edit whenever I see fit, and I don't have to think anything further about it beyond what I want to write. That works for me.