Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Enter the Scanner

Tomorrow I'm working at my dad's school as a substitute campus supervisor, and that's advantageous for this project of scanning those item check-out receipts from the library and posting them on here. My dad has a flatbed scanner on a table across from his computer, and while I will soon also try the digital camera method suggested to me, this will make it easier for a lot of the long receipts I have that otherwise would need to be cut into manageable sections. Also have to remember to bring my flash drive with me, since I have plenty of room on there to save these images.


  1. Substitute campus supervisor. Do you get to carry around a flash light and say things like, "can I see your ID?"

  2. I get to carry a walkie-talkie, and if there's any kids still outside after the bell rings during a lockout (that is, when the teachers are told to lock their doors after the bell rings), I'm supposed to round them up (usually after the only break of the day, which they call brunch, and then after lunch), and those kids have to sweep up where the cluster of lunch tables are outside (there's no indoor cafeteria), as well as in other areas where they can be seen.

    However, I never bother with that. The other campus supervisors are good at doing that. Despite having the authority to do so, I've never been good at flexing it. I'm more of an easygoing kind of campus supervisor.

    Thank you for asking if I ask "can I see your ID?" It reminds me that I need to pocket mine before I go in the morning.